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Assignment 4 During the last few weeks of this term we have looked at aspects of global culture, from your last essays, to Barber’s “Jihad” and “McWorld,” to the aspects of pop culture in Johnson’s Everything Bad… In this essay you are to look at the recent progress or decline of an aspect of world culture (not necessarily a global phenomenon, it needn’t be omnipresent), and its effects on the society in which it exists—but you cannot discuss anything American. Any aspect of any culture of any nation on Earth is fine (so long as it warrants an essay), but you may not in any way discuss the United States. Additionally, you may not repeat your global phenomenon topic. As before, please find what interests you in this essay. I have left the topic vague intentionally so that you have to choose your own idea, explore it, and narrow down your thesis by yourself.
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Unformatted text preview: You will have to use at least 4 sources in this essay, at least one of which must be a print resource, and at least one of which must be published outside the United States. I am looking for a continuation of strong essay structure , including a clear thesis , and excellent research . Additionally, I am looking specifically for analysis of your chosen phenomenon, and the synthesis of information. In this essay, everything comes together. OR You may feel free to pitch me your own topic, one which is relevant to any reading we have discussed thus far in class. You must have it to me by Monday, Nov. 5 at 5:00pm. I want a thesis and a brief description of your argument. Email is fine. Again, I do reserve the right to reject your idea, but I’ll more frequently give you tips on how to change it and make it work. Assignment four shall be circa 1,500 words....
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