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Organic Chemistry Lab 2

Organic Chemistry Lab 2 - September 19th 2007 Craig Nutter...

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September 19 th , 2007 Craig Nutter Section 0901, Wednesday 2:30 pm Experiment 2 Title: Melting point determination of pure compounds and known mixtures. Objective: To determine the melting points of various aspirin to salicylic acid ratios based on their compositions. Determining the eutectic point and factors effecting what ratio ultimately is experimentally acquired. Reaction: Salicylic Acid Aspirin Molecular Formula C7H6O3 C9H8O4 Molar Weight 138.12 g/mol 180.15 g/mol Melting Point 158-161°C 134-136°C
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Procedure & Visual Observations: Procedure: 1. Groups of four were delegated; each group member was assigned different salicylic acid to aspirin ratio. 2. 100 mg samples were made based on the group member’s 3 samples to be prepared, exact amounts were recorded. 3. These mixtures were then completely ground using a pestle and mortar. 4. 1-2 mm of the ground mixtures were then placed into a capillary tube. 5. The temperature control dial was set to 3.5 on the Mel-Temp. This allowed for the temperature to be slowly increased. 6. The first point of melting was recorded once liquid could be seen in the capillary tube. 7. An addition recording of the temperature was taken once the mixture had completely melted. 8. Once all three samples were tested for their melting point ranges the pestle and mortar were cleaned using acetone. The acetone was then poured into a waste jar. Visual Observations: One of the most noticeable visual observations witnessed was the melting of the Aspirin/salicylic acid. The crystals first
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