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Chapter 03 - Ethics and Social Responsibility Chapter 03 Ethics and Social Responsibility True / False Questions 1. (p. 62) The study of morality and standards of conduct is referred to as ethics. TRUE Difficulty: Easy 2. (p. 63) According to the text, Chinese-backed industrial spying on outside MNCs has decreased over the years. FALSE Difficulty: Medium 3. (p. 64) A scandal that has rocked Japan in recent years has been the failure of its banking system to take corrective action and prevent a deepening of the country's drawn out recession. TRUE Difficulty: Medium 4. (p. 65) Despite a heightened sensitivity in recent years, sexual harassment remains a minor social issue in Japan. FALSE Difficulty: Medium 3-1
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Chapter 03 - Ethics and Social Responsibility 5. (p. 65) Although French women are making strides in the management ranks, they still are underrepresented in corporate management. TRUE Difficulty: Medium 3-2
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Chapter 03 - Ethics and Social Responsibility 6. (p. 65) One thing that has inhibited the progress of women in French management is that French law does not guarantee equal treatment and equal professional opportunities for men and women. FALSE Difficulty: Medium 7. (p. 66) The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act makes it illegal for U.S. companies and their managers to attempt to influence foreign officials through personal payments or political contributions. TRUE Difficulty: Easy 8. (p. 67) Corporate social responsibility includes organizational actions that go beyond the requirements of the law and the direct interests of the firm. TRUE Difficulty: Easy 9. (p. 69) Sustainability may be defined as the development that meets humanity's needs at the cost of the future generations. FALSE Difficulty: Medium 10. (p. 69) NGOs are public organizations that monitor the practices of private corporations. FALSE Difficulty: Easy 3-3
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11. (p. 69) According to World Economic Forum's Gallup International Poll released in November 2002, executives of MNCs are among the most trusted leaders in the world. FALSE Difficulty: Easy 12. (p. 69) According to World Economic Forum's Gallup International Poll released in November 2002, NGO leaders are among the most trusted leaders in the world. TRUE Difficulty: Medium 13. (p. 70) Though the force of NGOs have been felt in a range of major public policy debates, NGO activism has been least responsible for major changes in corporate behavior and governance. FALSE Difficulty: Medium 14. (p. 71) MNCs have a very low chance of exporting "best practices" in corporate responsibilities to local firms in developing nations. FALSE Difficulty: Medium 15. (p. 71) MNCs are increasingly engaged in a range of responses to growing pressures to contribute positively to the social and environmental progress of the communities in which they do business. TRUE
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