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lecture33-Big Picture 1- ToM

reduconism one kind of stu usually mind reduces to

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Unformatted text preview: Big philosophical ques>on •  Solu>on #1: Dualism –  e.g., Cartesian Dualists •  Two separate kinds of stuff •  Pineal Gland •  Solu>on #2: Monism –  e.g., Reduc>onism •  One kind of stuff •  Usually: Mind reduces to Body stuff •  Important ques>ons for kids: –  How do children conceptualize the mental from the physical? Folk Dualism Early Understanding of Physical Habitua>on Event Test Events Early Understanding of Mental Inten>onal Understanding •  Woodward (1998): 5- month- olds dishabituated to new goal, not new path •  Also true for –  Eye gaze (at 9 months) –  Poin>ng (at 13 months) •  Not true for –  An occupa&g...
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