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Direct Episode Link CRASH COURSE EUROPEAN HISTORY: Episode # 18The Enlightenment 1. The Enlightenment is also called theAge of Light. 2. What is one example of a new novelty that was becoming increasingly available to citizens as the
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3. Food was more readily available during the Enlightenment.TRUE
4. “Travelers discovered that people across Asia didn’t seem asquarrelsomeas Europeans.” 5. Europeans also saw that some cultures “gave less weight to a person’sparentage, and more to a person’s individualskillsandtalents. 6. Voltaire was sent to the Bastilleprison. 7. What did Voltaire value?Honesty and those who lived simple lives 8. Traits of the Enlightenment included “beinghonest, and inquisitive, andopen.” 9. What was Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s best selling novel?B. Emile
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Unformatted text preview:10. "Rousseau promoted what would come to be called 'middle-class values, like hard work, practicality .' 11. What did the newly fashioned handkerchiefs worn around the neck eventually become? Necktie 12. It was illegal in France to have imported foreign cottons. TRUE 13. What made mining become extremely important? D. Coal 14. Things used to be worse than they are now. TRUE15. The Enlightenment supported the practice of slavery. FALSE 16. "Adam Smith took on the mercantilist theory that global wealth was static ." 17. Smith is "known today as the Father of the free market, free trade, and individualism thanks ." 18. Kant focused on individual reason . 19. What did Moses Mendelssohn believe would be the future for Jewish people? A. They would stop being persecuted 1