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Organic Chemistry Lab 3

Organic Chemistry Lab 3 - October 3rd 2007 Craig Nutter...

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October 3 rd , 2007 Craig Nutter Section #9 Wednesday 2:30pm Experiment 3 Title: Analysis and separation of components of an unknown drug Objective: To isolate substances in an unknown mixture and to determine the identity of these substances based on their melting point. Reactions: Reaction Table: Starting Material Amount Needed Isolation of 1 st compound Dicholormethane 8 mL Unknown Solvent 5 mL Extracting dicholor nitrate with 5% sodium bicarbonate Sodium Bicarbonate 12.5 mL Acetone 3 mL Isolate Compound in Vial B H2O 10 mL Isolate compound in Vial C 6M HCl 12 drops – 1.5 mL Boiling Stone 1 Results/Observations: Procedure 1. 5 mL of dicholomethane was added into a measuring cylinder. 2. This was then transferred into the unknown vial with the sample drug. 3. This was then shaken vigorously for 2 minutes. 4. The dissolved solution was filtered with a vacuum mechanism. Observations Weight of empty vial A: 14.789. The solution became cloudy as unknown was dissolved in dichloromethane. The top layer separated quickly and
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5. 1.5 mL of dicholormethane was added from the dispenser. 6. The filtrate was poured into a 30 mL separating funnel 7. 2.5 mL of 5% sodium bicarbonate solution was then added to the dicholormethane. 8. The gas produced in this reaction was vented three times. 9. The solution formed was let to stand until 2 layers had formed. 10. The bottom layer was drained through the spout. 11. The top layer was then transferred to a different vial. 12. This process was repeated 2.5 mL of 3% sodium bicarbonate. 13. 3 mL of acetone was added to the original vial to dissolve the non- solubles in the dicholormethane. 14. These resultants were then added to the components in Vial A. 15. This mixture was then left to air dry.
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Organic Chemistry Lab 3 - October 3rd 2007 Craig Nutter...

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