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EDUC 701 Theory in Action Lesson Plan due 03final
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Running head: THEORY IN ACTION LESSON PLAN (800-1000 words) Name: Jamala Wilson Date: 03/03/2013 I. Subject and Grade Level: 12 th grade Informational Technology II. Topic: The student will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the impact of technology and how usefull the web and reliable sources are to do research papers. III. Instructional Objective(s): Over the course of a month the students will learn various techniques to look basic information to formate a research question of their own interest by using technology. Students will pick a topic of their interest and gather reliable and creditable inforatmion on the web. (40-50 words) IV. Learning Theory: (40-50-word identification and description of the theory based on Miller or Van Brummelen) The learning theory that I will use for this lesson will be Kolb’s four learning styles . Kolb’s theory is that all people learn in the characteristic four- step pattern. First, a person has an experience. Then, he or she reflects on that experience, analyzing it and trying to make sense of it before attempting to fit the experience in to a broader conceptual framework of the world. This latter involves fitting the sense of the experience into an individual’s collection of theories about how the world operates. Once he or she has done that in effect, formed a hypothesis about how things work the person tries it out, and this experimentation, in turn, leads to another experience from which he or she can retreat and reflect. Kolb’s notion is that this four-step cycle goes on in our lives many times a day and that reinforcing cycles add to larger structures of beliefs or hypotheses that we carry with us throughout our lives. V.
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