Modern Physics

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PHY251 Homework Set 1 Reading: Chapters 1 and 2 Homework: Problems are listed below Problems, Hints, and Solutions Problem I.1 An atom of mass m is moving along the x -direction with speed v 0 . It collides elastically with an atom of mass 3 m at rest. After the collision the first atom moves along the y -direction. Calculate the velocities (speeds and directions!) of both atoms after the collision. Hints: Make sketch! Use conservation of momentum and kinetic energy. Solution: No solution yet Problem I.2 Units and interaction strengths. Express the unit Volt in basic SI units. . Express the unit for magnetic field Tesla in basic SI units. b. Is the "right-hand-rule" a law of nature, or could we have started with a "left-hand-rule" and stayed in agreement with all empirical facts? Otherwise stated: is there experimental evidence for a "right-hand-rule" (and against a left-hand-rule), or is it just a question of definitions and consistency with that initial definition? Discuss this using the Lorentz force
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