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Tatum’s essay p. 124 The first few pages in Beverly Daniels Tatum essay was eerily similar to the experiences people have shared in our class. The copyright goes all the way back to 1997 and yet I feel that many students today would feel the same way as some of the students in her example. On page 127, paragraph three she states, “In addition, I find that many of my White students and workshop participants do not feel powerful.” To me this is a great statement. I feel as if this is a positive and not a negative, because many people do not realize the natural born advantages that they have. Also I view it better to be ignorant of these advantages that to be aware of them and do nothing about it. Later in the essay she talks about whether or not colored people can be racist or
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Unformatted text preview: not and gives two definitions. Id have to agree with the first one because I dont feel that in order to be racist you have to have a system of advantage based on race. I personally feel that racism is as simple as I hate Chinese-American people, because theyre not like me. The same can be applied in reverse; Chinese-Americans hate me, because Im American. To me both of those statements are racist. In the end I guess what Ive taken away from Tatums essay is that the education of racism is pretty stagnant. If over ten years ago many people had the same beliefs as people of today on the subject of racism and prejudice, not much has been done to educate them....
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