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Jeff Greiner Rhetoric 25 October 2007 The Last Americans For the most part this was a solid piece of work. It brought up many points that I also believed, and right off the bat he had me agreeing with everything that he was saying. The way that he structured this essay is not so complex, and made the paper an exceptionably easier read than most. He successfully conveyed his thoughts and ideas through sentences that we often straight to the point that he was trying to make. I also liked the way that he compared the United States to past civilizations that were at their time a great power of the world, and showed how the reasons for their downfall are not so dissimilar to the problems that the United States is currently facing. He also states that we should not be so dismissive of these problems because like the Mayans at their peak we
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Unformatted text preview: think we think that we are invulnerable to any problems that we are currently facing or will be facing in the future. He also brings up good points when putting forth the fact that the United States is greatly affected by the controversies of third world countries that the United States would never think of helping many years ago. One of the things that he tried doing that I didn’t like so much was on page 32 when in the third paragraph he tried using sarcasm. Throughout the entire paper he did not use sarcasm until this point. I thought it was something that he could have left out to better his essay. Though I was already on his side prior to reading this paper, his work was still convincing. I thought that this paper was very interesting and a good read....
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