105-16 9-30 Absolute rock dating, metamorphic rx

90 plutonium 239 uranium 235 uranium 238 carbon 14

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Unformatted text preview: - 235 • URANIUM - 238 • CARBON - 14 ~ 8 DAYS 28 YEARS 24,000 YEARS 713,000,000 YEARS 4,500,000,000 YEARS 5730 YEARS Carbon -14 Nitrogen - 14 N loses e —> P with same atomic # Mt. Mazama’s caldera collapse, ca. 5667 ± 150 years BC [C14] Mt. Mazama’s caldera collapse, ca. 5667 ± 150 years BC [C14] Metamorphism & Metamorphic Rocks GEOL 105 9/30/2011 G. DAVIS ROCKS AND THE ROCK CYCLE: METAMORPHISM AND METAMORPHIC ROCKS Metamorphic rocks If pre-existing rocks (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic) are buried deep in the Earth, new minerals can grow in the solid rock through recrystallization. The rock to the left is such a rock. It contains large garnet crystals, quartz, and mica. It may have started...
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