105-16 9-30 Absolute rock dating, metamorphic rx

Rock cycle in subduction zone context contact

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Unformatted text preview: cycle in subduction zone context contact metamorphism Contact metamorphic rocks in the roof of a granite pluton, Sierra Nevada batholith, California Types of Metamorphism • Contact metamorphism — rocks within the crust that are intruded by magma are recrystallized by the magma’s high temperatures; commonly not foliated • Regional metamorphism — as rocks are buried deeper and deeper within the earth they encounter increasingly higher pressures (confining = lithostatic) and temperatures, which result in their recrystallization; the directed pressures (stresses) produce planar structures called foliation. Rock cycle in subduction zone context contact metamorphism regional metamorphism Types of Recrystallization • Recrystallization of rocks without the formation of new mineral...
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