105-16 9-30 Absolute rock dating, metamorphic rx

Pressure lasagna bedding strata lasagna foliation

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Unformatted text preview: uence of the weight of the many kilometers of overlying rocks within the lithosphere. pressure lasagna bedding (strata) lasagna foliation granite granitic gneiss Foliation in regionally metamorphosed rocks within contractional orogenic belts is typically subvertical in its orientation because the stresses that produce it and related shortening are subhorizontal. Foliated gneiss, Minnesota This mafic igneous rock is a gabbro, the plutonic or intrusive equivalent of basalt. The rock consists mostly of Fe- and Mg-rich minerals (dark in color) and Ca-rich feldspar (whitish color). Amphibolitic gneiss hand This rock is an amphibolitic gneiss from China. It sample, China (has has the composition of a gabbro, but has new minerals for...
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