105-23 10-17 Coastlines, beaches

Breakwater jetties entrance to marina del rey and

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Unformatted text preview: l Rey and Ballona Creek channel deposition erosion Pacific Palisades coast — longshore drift toward viewer or away? Factors that can modify shorelines • • • • • • • • Ocean (or lake) currents Longshore drift Waves and wave refraction Surf Tides and tidal surges Climate (storms), earthquakes (coseismic uplift, subsidence; tsunamis), mass wasting (eg., Hawaii) Coastal engineering (e.g. breakwaters, piers) Sediment supply (or lack of it) Sediment loading of continental margins in deltas Sea level changes with respect to the land (+/-) Coastal erosion — can occur along any shoreline. Here’s some manmad...
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