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As a consequence its subsiding wetlands have not been

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Unformatted text preview: elta into deeper water. As a consequence its subsiding wetlands have not been replenished with sediment, they are being eroded away, and their fresh and brackish waters are losing out to salt water incursion from the oceans. [Popular Mechanics, 2/2006, p. 71-73] With hurricanes Katrina and Rita behind us, let’s look at longer term concerns for the Louisiana coast. These include: retreat of the coastline due to erosion, • loss of protective offshore barrier islands, • decrease in delta sedimentation, • subsidence of coastal areas due to oil withdrawals, continental margin due to sediment bypassing • worldwide rise in sea level, • wetlands (bayou) loss through fragmentation by canals, salinization (salt water incursion), and coastal subsidence and the Eastern part of the Mississippi delta. Red areas = land lost between 1956 and 2000 barrier islands in the 1800’s Chandeleur Islands 9/16/05 10/15/04 Racoon island before and after Hurricane Andrew (1992) Chandeleur Island, Miss: before, after 2001 2004 2005...
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