105-24 10-19 Coastlines-II

Figure 20b cape hatteras lighthouse built in 1870

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Unformatted text preview: going … someday gone? Figure 20.B Cape Hatteras lighthouse built in 1870, 1500 feet away from the shoreline. By 1999, it was only 120 feet from the coast! It was then moved 2900 feet inland to the location shown below before it could become a man-made island along the retreating coastline. The most endangered USA coastline! Louisiana Gulf Coast Wetlands Coastal Case Study The Mississippi River prior to the late 1800’s deposited 400,000,000 tons of sand, silt and clay on its delta every year. In efforts to improve river navigation and control flooding the U.S. Corps of Engineers has constructed an array of levees and channels and canals across the delta — the result of which is to allow Mississippi sediment to largely bypass the d...
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