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105-24 10-19 Coastlines-II

A bench is forming here seen at a high tide wave cut

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Unformatted text preview: going coastal uplift. a bench is forming here -- seen at a high tide. Wave-cut bench uplifted above present sea level Sea cliffs formed by uplift of the wave-cut bench U P L I F T Palos Verdes peninsula San Pedro basin The Palos Verdes peninsula — coastal uplift and erosion with multiple wave cut terraces (0 = present, 1, 2 = oldest) 2 1 f sea clif Old 1 0 America’s most endangered coastlines Chesapeake Bay — Cape Hatteras Louisiana Gulf Coast Wetlands Chesapeake Bay — the largest estuary on the east coast. Critically polluted by increasing urbanization, pesticides, and algal growth resulting from excess fertilizers and animal wastes. Cape Hatteras and its offshore barrier islands — going,...
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