April 19, 2013 - Sexual Development

no uterus because mullerian ducts destroyed by mih

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Unformatted text preview: Gonads Female (degenerate normally) Mullerian ducts Female (develop normally) Adrenal glands produce excess androgens (testosterone) How would this affect development? • partly masculinized genitalia (clitoris enlarged, labia fused and scrotum-like) External genitalia Ambiguous (partly Ambiguous (partly masculinized) ReproducGve structures masculinized) • and some secondary sex traits (deeper voice, facial hair, more muscular, disrupted menstruation) Secondary sex traits Facial hair, breasts, pitch of voice, etc Mostly female; but Mostly female; some may bebut some may be masculinized masculinized • Exhibit "boyish" play behavior Gender identity Female Female 24 Power of hormones on human development Androgen InsensiGvity Syndrome (AIS) Frequency: ~1/20,000 births (severity variable) Cause: X- linked recessive muta7on on androgen receptor • Gene7cally male (XY) • Testes differen7ate normally and produce testosterone •...
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