April 19, 2013 - Sexual Development

Outer layer cortex inner layer medulla females cortex

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Unformatted text preview: gonad are unique Embryonic gonad (< 7 weeks gesta7on in humans) is… Undifferentiated: Has not developed into either a tes7s or ovary and Bipotential: Has the potential to develop into either a tes7s or ovary Bipotential gonad formed Fer7liza7on XX/XY TESTIS +SRY -SRY OVARY 4 DifferenGaGon of the (mammalian) gonads Embryonic gonad has 2 layers: • Outer layer – cortex • Inner layer – medulla Females • Cortex develops into ovary • Medulla degenerates Males • Medulla develops into testis • Cortex degenerates Testis Cortex ma fem Medulla es en le g ale g enes Differen7a7on is complete and irreversible in mammals In humans, gonads differen7ate around week 6- 7 of gesta7on Ovary How long does the bipotenGal stage last? 6 DifferenGaGon of the (mammalian) gonads In some species, gonads differen7ate, but remain bipotential Males • Medulla forms testes • Remnants of c...
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