April 19, 2013 - Sexual Development

Testosterone ii 5i alpha dihydrotestosterone 5a dht

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Unformatted text preview: ortex remain Females • Cortex forms ovary • Remnants of medulla remain BipotenGal gonads allow some animals to change sex Genes trigger gonadal differen7a7on. Gonads differen7ate bodies via HORMONES What are hormones? • All animals and plants have hormones • Chemical messengers – Produced in one tissue or organ (a gland) – Affect a different 7ssue or organ – Can be proteins, lipids, or other chemical • Usually released into the bloodstream * Hormones require receptores (lock and key) Sex hormones Steroid hormones – synthesized from cholesterol Androgens i. Testosterone ii. 5i alpha dihydrotestosterone (5a-DHT) Sources: adrenal galnds, overies, testes, brain Estrogens i. Estradiol Sources: ovaries, brain Both sex hormones found in males and females, but in different proportions. Genetic sex determination Differentiation of gonads Sex Hormones estradiol 10 XY Chromosomes XX +SRY -DAX1 Genes -SRY +DAX1 Testis Gonad Ovary Hormones Build bodies Moving forward in development Reproductive anatomy Sex hormones Sexual behavi...
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