April 19, 2013 - Sexual Development

Genitalia internal genitalia development controlled

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Unformatted text preview: UIRES hormones (T and MIH) 17 DifferenGaGon in females In absence of T, Wolffian ducts degenerate Mullerian ducts differen7ate to form female reproduc7ve tract • Fallopian tubes (oviducts) • Uterus and cervix • Upper por7on of vagina Key: Development of FEMALE reproductive tract doesNOT require hormones (requires the ABSENCE of hormones) 18 Summary Bipoten(al+gonad+ With T and MIH male+gonad+ No T or MIH female+gonad+ 19 Development of external genitalia bipoten7al and undifferen7ated 5 (at <8 weeks of gestation, but after gonads differentiate) Female Male 20 20 Development of male genitalia Testosterone Development of female genitalia No testosterone 5-α reductase (enzyme) Triggers development of external genitalia Male Female 21 Development of genitalia External genitalia differen7ate shortly after internal genitalia (tubes, chambers) External genitalia: • develop under control of gonadal hormones • are...
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