April 19, 2013 - Sexual Development

Partly masculinized genitalia clitoris enlarged labia

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Unformatted text preview: bipotential – the same embryonic 7ssues can develop into either male or female external genitalia Internal genitalia: • development controlled by gonadal hormones • are NOT bipotential 22 The power of sex hormones: Exposing developing female embryos to high levels of testosterone alters development Rhesus Monkeys Give a pregnant monkey a high dose of testosterone... Male offspring: develop "normally" Female offspring: develop small penis and scrotum FreemarGns Male/female twins share placenta during development. Female gets exposed to brother's testosterone and MIH. Male offspring: develop "normally" Female offspring: develop partially masculinized genitalia, behavior, and are sterile 23 Power of hormones on human development • Gene7cally female (XX) Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) Frequency: ~1/14,000 births (depends on popula7on) Cause: Autosomal recessive muta7on for enzyme(s) Genes/C’somes Female (XX) • Ovaries develop normally Female (ovaries) Wolffian ducts...
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