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The Mind Reader - in the Windings font 3 When you click...

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The Mind Reader 2/14/07 To: Mr. Bill From: Jeremy Liebman Subject: How the mind reader works 1) When you take any two digit number, add the digits together, then subtract the sum of the digits from the original two digit number, the final solution will always be a multiple of 9. 2) The random number generator shows a number between 1 and 20, and then the V-Lookup function takes that number to look up a symbol. This symbol is found
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Unformatted text preview: in the Windings font. 3) When you click “play again”, the symbols representing each number are randomly generated again. However every multiple of 9 has the same symbol as every other multiple of 9. It continues to trick you by changing the symbol every time you click “play again.”...
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