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Norse Essay Exam 1

Norse Essay Exam 1 - Norse Essay Exam 1 1 Discuss the...

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Norse Essay Exam 1 1) Discuss the creation and structure of the Old Norse Mythological Universe. How is it accomplished? Is it stable or unstable system? What is the evidence of this stability or instability? Can you identify a possible cause for it? The rivers called Elivagar turned to ice, when the rime and the blowing warmth met the flowing drops quickened to the form of a giant: Ymir. When Ymir slept he sweated and under his armpits grew a male and female and from his legs grew a male, these beings are called frost giants There was also a cow called Audhumla and four rivers of milk flowed from its teats which Ymir, this cow licked rime-stones which came into the form of a man named Buri Buri had Bor who married Bestla, they had three sons one of which was Odin the other two were Vili and Ve. The three brothers must have been the rulers of heaven and earth. They killed the giant Ymir, and when he fell so much blood flowed from his wounds that it drowned all the frost-giants. Bors sons’ took Ymir’s body and made the earth with it, his flesh became the earth, his blood became the ocean seas and lakes, his bones were the rocks, his skull the sky, molten particles and sparks became the stars They used Ymir’s eyebrows to make the fortification to protect the earth from the giants, this fortification is called Midgard They then created two people out of two logs found on the sea shore and from them humankind was created Odin and his brothers then made a place in the middle of the earth and called it Asgard this is where the gods lived There was a giant named Night who married Delling who was an Aesir, they had a son named Day, Odin set up Day and Night in the sky with chariots and two horses to ride around the earth every 24 hrs, one of Night’s horses bedews the earth every morning with drips from his bit, The mane on one of Day’s horses
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