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Current Location 1. MAT540049VA016-1126-001 Quantitative Methods 2. Week 5 3. Take Test: Midterm Exam Menu Management Options MAT540049VA016-1126-001 (Quantitative Methods) Course Home Student Center Email Gradebook Class Introductions Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Take Test: Midterm Exam Content Assistive Technology Tips [opens in new window] Instructions Description Instructions Timed Test This Test has the time limit of 4 hour. This Test will save and submit automatically when the time expires. Warnings appear when half the time , 5 minutes , 1 minute , and 30 seconds remain. Multiple Attempts Not allowed. This Test can only be taken once. Force Completion Once started, this Test must be completed in one sitting.
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Remaining Time: 3 hours, 58 minute, 08 seconds. Question Completion Status: Question 1 1. Deterministic techniques assume that no uncertainty exists in model parameters. Answer True False 5 points Question 2 1. A continuous random variable may assume only integer values within a given interval. Answer True False 5 points Question 3 1. A joint probability is the probability that two or more events that are mutually exclusive can occur simultaneously. Answer True False 5 points Question 4 1. A decision tree is a diagram consisting of circles decision nodes, square probability nodes, and branches. Answer True False 5 points Question 5 1. A table of random numbers must be normally distributed and efficiently generated. Answer True False 5 points
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Question 6 1. Excel can only be used to simulate systems that can be represented by continuous random variables. Answer True False 5 points Question 7 1. Data cannot exhibit both trend and cyclical patterns. Answer True False 5 points Question 8 1. Qualitative methods are the least common type of forecasting method for the long-term strategic planning process. Answer True False 5 points Question 9 1. In Bayesian analysis, additional information is used to alter the __________ probability of the occurrence of an event. Answer marginal conditional binomial revised 5 points Question 10 1. __________ is a measure of dispersion of random variable values about the expected value. Answer Standard deviation Range
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The z-score (the standard score) All of the above 5 points Question 11 1. The __________ is the expected value of the regret for each decision. Answer expected value expected opportunity loss expected value of perfect information none of the above 5 points Question 12 1. Consider the following frequency of demand:
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