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woodp371 - religious views that I’ve never heard of...

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Joe Wood essay p. 371 The essay that Joe Wood wrote was excellent. I really enjoyed how he used the story in the beginning to help to help show his points of view later. I also feel that his personal story with his “brother” Dan is very inspiring. It showed that two people from different backgrounds could come together and create such a strong bond. As heart warming as his story may be it also is very realistic. It has parts where he did have largely more negative feelings towards Jews, but the part that makes him exceptional is that he learned as he got older and gained more experiences with them. Joe Wood and his “brother” Dan bonded in a way of their different skin color and
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Unformatted text preview: religious views that I’ve never heard of before and makes me feel that if those two can bond the way the did that there is hope that as a human race that someday we will all be able to bond ourselves and embrace our differences. With that said I also agree with Joe Wood in his ending paragraph on page 377 where he states, “While our tribes and their memories, and their stories, did make us, they also have nothing to do with it.” I feel that is a perfect ending because it is true that there is more to people than skin color and religious views....
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