Modern Physics

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PHY251 Homework Set 6 Reading: Chapter 6 and 7 Homework: Chapter 6, Question 9 Problems 2, 9,18 Chapter 7, Problems 16,20 Hints and Solutions Question VI.9 Suppose you have a box a few centimeters wide and an electron with the energy of a few electron volts (i.e. of the same order of magnitude as an electron in a Bohr orbit). In what range would the n -values for the electron in the box lie? Hints: No hints Solution: No Solution yet Problem VI.2 Consider the normalized wave function of the form ψ ( x ) = C exp{ - x ² / 2 a ² ). Calculate the expectation values (a) x , (b) x ² , (c) p , and (d) p ² for this wave function. Give a physical justification of your results for (a) and (c). Hints: The value of the normalization constant C should not matter. Use the definition of the expectation value, and the operator identity: p = - ih ( / x ) . Solution: No Solution yet Problem VI.9 A beam of photons in a range of wavelengths λ = 9.0 ± 1.0 nm impinges on an electron in an
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