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Matt Charette Professor Rosenthal PHED 318 February 26, 2008 Cheers and the Tears by: Shane Murphy This book was one of the most predictable books I’ve read. Just by looking at the cover I could see where this book was going. I of course do agree that there are some very good points in this book; however, I believe that Murphy goes overboard on dramatizing a few aspects of youth sports. There are many overbearing coaches and/or parents who get all over the kids and push them beyond their desires of playing a sport. On the other hand, many parents and coaches I’ve seen from my own experience get that taste for self achievement through the players and expect too much from them. I am familiar with a relative experience to the one of the father-daughter relationship as the one in Chapter 5: Escaping the Parent Trap. I had a teammate on my HS football team whose father was at every game yelling every play. It doesn’t sound too strange, except for the fact that he turned his backyard into a
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football training facility. He pushed his son too far, even to the point of purchasing
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Cheers and the Tears - Matt Charette Professor Rosenthal...

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