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Terms Test 2 - Spanish History Midterm 2 1 Deliberations on...

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Spanish History Midterm 2 1. Deliberations on Witchcraft : council of the Inquisition at which the question is brought as to whether the Inquisition has the power to prosecute witchcraft 2. Sanbenito : a penitential robe worm by those guilty of sin 3. Fixed rent : fee paid to a monastery or nunnery for usage of land owned by the religious order 4. Cloister : act of remaining separate from the vanities of the outside world 5. Francisco de Osuna : a mystic who authored the Third Spiritual Alphabet 6. Third Spiritual Alphabet     : a guide to spirituality 7. Barefoot Carmelites: a religious order founded by Teresa of Avila that strove for reform with the monastic lifestyle 8. Bernini, Ecstasy of St. Teresa: a sculpture presenting the saint as ecstatic and uncomposed, much different than her more typical matronly image 9. Council of Inquisition: the assembly heading the Inquisition 10. Inquisitor General : head of the Council of Inquisition 11. Friar Juan de Boutista de Cubas : a member of the monastery at the Escorial brought before the Inquisition for heretical comments; his trial demonstrated the increasing power of the Inquisition 12. Auto de fe : a public “act of faith” or punishment; occurred in the town square 13. bishops : the most important representatives of the Catholic Church in Spain; empowered by the Council of Trent 14. Visitation to the University of Valencia, 1570 : Bishop Juan de Ribera’s review of the University; he attempted to reform the University but was resisted by the powerful Catalan families 15. Ratio studiorum : the system of education at the Jesuit college 16. St . Vincent Ferrer : a Dominican preaching friar of the middle ages; the patron saint of Valencia, lauded as one of the most gifted preachers of his time; femur secured by Bishop Ribera for Valencia 17. St . Maurus : an early Christian martyr whose bones were brought to Spain by agents of Bishop Ribera 18. Margarita Aguilona : a pious girl of Valencia who practiced mysticism; supported by Ribera and represented the potential of female mysticism in the Church
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19. Beata : a person associated with a religious order who did not take vows of cloister, but did take vows of chastity, obedience, and poverty 20. Catalina Muños : a former African slave brought before the Inquisition; represented the dangers of female mysticism in the Church 21. Tribunals : committees beneath the Inquisitorial Council responsible for prosecuting crimes within their areas 22. Inquisitors : included in the personnel of the tribunals 23. Ordinario : a bishop’s representative ranked below the inquisitors 24. Comisario : a local priest ranked below the ordinario 25. Notary : recorded the testimony of the inquisition 26. Constable/ bailiff
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Terms Test 2 - Spanish History Midterm 2 1 Deliberations on...

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