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Midterm Vocab

Midterm Vocab - new human race husband of Pyrrah PYRRAH...

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MYTHOLOGY MIDTERM TERMS PEOPLE NIKE goddess of victory VERGIL author of the Aeneid OVID (43 BCE – 17 CE) author of Metamorphosis LIVY (59 BCE – 17 CE) author of Ab Urbe Condita ENKI “clever god” of Sumerian creation myth KI “earth” of Sumerian creation myth PROMETHEUS “forethought”; son of the titan Iapetus, the brother of Cronus; brother of Epimetheus EPIMETHEUS titan brother of Prometheus known for his cleverness and his inventions PANDORA “all-gifted”; given as a gift to Epimetheus; she opened her jar, and all forms of evil escaped until only hope remains; the story explains the origins of women, marriage, and evil DEUCALION man whom the gods chose to survive the flood and to be the progenitor of the
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Unformatted text preview: new human race; husband of Pyrrah PYRRAH woman whom the gods chose to survive the flood and to be the progenitor of the new human race; wife of Deucalion LYCAON exemplified wickedness and evil before the flood HELLEN son of Deucalion and Pyrrah; origin of the name “Hellenes”; had three sons: Dorus ( Dorians); Aeolus (Aeolians); and Zothus, father of Ion (Ionians); these are eponymous ancestors HESIOD one of oldest Greek poets; dates to 750 BCE; brother is Perses; born in Cyme, Asia Minor PERSEUS often related to Argos as he ruled the area; he was the king of Tiryns and the found of Mycenae...
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