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HIST 3090 Mid Term Discussion Questions Study Guide Historians have labeled the South a “conscious minority.” Discuss how this has manifested itself, especially in the sectional crisis leading up to the Civil War. The South is unique in the United States as its inhabitants have shared a collective experience distinctive to the region, defeat, occupation and poverty. Prior to the Civil War, “conscious minority” evolved in the minds of the Southerners. The siege mentality of the South developed due to a series of outside forces threatening the South’s unique society, including abolitionists, republicans, carpet baggers, outside economic forces, and labor unions. Following the Revolution, the South becomes even more conscious of its distinctive position in American society. During the ratification of the Constitution, representatives from South Carolina and
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Unformatted text preview: Georgia were adamant that they would not ratify the Constitution unless slavery was protected under its provisions. By the 1820s, the “conscious minority” had fully developed; slavery continued to dominate the South, and the South continued to ask for federal protection of slavery. With the Missouri Compromise, the South demonstrated it reliance upon and unwavering support for the institution of slavery. The Nashville Convention of 1850 resolved that the federal government has no right to exclude property, including slaves, from any state in the Union. The Convention also stipulated that the states would not submit to any enactment by Congress of any law imposing restrictions upon the holding of property....
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