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GEOG 1112 Notes 4 - -gas molecules move at random-radiation...

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Geography August 28, 2006 Energy Conduction, Convection, Radiation -conduction – direct contact; no movement of molecules; solid; can occur in air (slowly) -convection – moving heat through motion of a fluid -radiation – electromagnetic radiation/ photons -solar radiation – initiates atmospheric motions and weather processes -energy is classified as kinetic and potential Energy Transfer Mechanisms -conduction – energy transfer without motion -convection – energy transfer through motion of fluids (gases, liquids)
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Unformatted text preview: -gas molecules move at random-radiation – no physical medium required for transmission; types differ by wave properties-Electromagnetic radiation – E = electric wave; M = magnetic wave-radiation quantity (Boltsman) – amount of energy transferred (amplitude)-wave quality (Wein) – relates to wave length; identifies the type of energy (μm)-electromagnetic energy – electromagnetic spectrum classifies types by wavelength...
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