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GEOG 1112 Notes 6 - The Fate of Solar Radiation-A constant...

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Geography September 6, 2006 Mie Scattering -Larger scattering agents (aerosols) -Interacts with wavelengths across visible spectrum -Hazy, grayish skies -Sunrise/sunset color enhancement -Longer radiation path lengths = greater Mie Scattering and reddish skies Nonselective Scattering -Very large scattering agents (water) -Scatter across the visible spectrum; gives a white or gray appearance
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Unformatted text preview: The Fate of Solar Radiation-A constant supply of radiation at top of atmosphere-Entering energy is transmitted, absorbed, or scattered A Global Energy Budget-Assumes global annual insolation = 100 units-Atmosphere absorbs 25 units-Seven units absorbed by stratospheric ozone...
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