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5 sublevel orbitals orbitals typical d orbital 33

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Unformatted text preview: • The three p orbitals lie 90o apart in space d Orbitals d Orbitals • d sublevel has 5 sublevel orbitals orbitals typical d orbital 33 planar node planar node 34 The shapes and labels of the five 3d orbitals. 35 ff Orbitals Orbitals For l = 3, For ---> f sublevel with 7 orbitals orbitals Diagonal Rule • Must be able to write it for the test! This will be question #1 ! Without it, you will not get correct answers ! • The diagonal rule is a memory device that helps you remember the order of the filling of the orbitals from lowest energy to highest energy • _____________________ states that electrons fill from the lowest possible energy to the highest energy 36 37 Diagonal Rule Steps: 1s Write the orbitals in s, p, d, f order. Write Write the same number of orbitals as the energy level. level. 3. 3s Write the energy levels top to bottom. 2. 2s 1. Draw diagonal lines from the top right to the Draw bottom left. bottom 4. To get the correct order, To 2p 3p 3d follow the arrows! follow 4s 4p 4d...
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