Heisenberg 1901 1976 problem of defining nature

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Unformatted text preview: isenberg Uncertainty Heisenberg Principle Principle W. Heisenberg 1901-1976 Problem of defining nature Problem of defining nature Problem Problem off electrons in atoms o electrons in atoms solved by W. Heisenberg. solved by W. Heisenberg. solved solved Cannot simultaneously Cannot simultaneously Cannot Cannot define the position and define the position and momentum (= m•v) of an momentum (= m•v) of an electron. electron. electron. electron. We define e- energy exactly We define e- energy exactly We We but accept limitation that but accept limitation that we do not know exact we do not know exact position. position. position. position. 22 23 Arrangement of Electrons Arrangement in Atoms in Electrons in atoms are arranged as LEVELS (n) SUBLEVELS (l) ORBITALS (ml) QUANTUM NUMBERS 24 The shape, size, and energy of each orbital is a function The shape, of 3 quantum numbers which describe the location of an electron within an atom or ion an n (principal) ---> energy level ---> (principal) l (orbital) ---> shape of orbital ---> ml (magnetic) ---> designates a particular (magnetic) suborbital suborbital The fourth quantum number is not derived from the The wave function wave s (spin) (spin) ---> spin of the electron (clockwise or counterclockwise: ½ or – ½) (clockwise QUANTUM NUMBERS 25 So… if two electrons are in the same place at So… the same tim...
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