It was based on an understanding of the line

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Unformatted text preview: to science was in building a simple model of the atom. It was based on an understanding of the LINE understanding EMISSION SPECTRA of EMISSION excited atoms. excited • Problem is that the model Problem only works for H only 11 Spectrum of White Light 12 Line Emission Spectra Line of Excited Atoms of • Excited atoms emit light of only certain wavelengths • The wavelengths of emitted light depend on the element. 13 Spectrum of Spectrum Excited Hydrogen Gas Excited 14 Line Spectra of Other Elements 15 The Electric Pickle • Excited atoms can emit light. • Here the solution in a pickle is excited electrically. The Na+ ions in the pickle juice give off light characteristic of that element. 16 Slit that Slit allows light inside inside Light Spectrum Lab! Line up the slit so Line that it is parallel with the spectrum tube (light bulb) (light Scale Light Spectrum Lab! • Run electricity through various gases, creating light • Look at the light using a spectroscope to separate the light into its component colors • Using colored pencils, draw the line spectra (all of the lines) and determine the wavelength of the three brightest lines • Once you lin...
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