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You should see the colored lines under the scale slit

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Unformatted text preview: e up the slit with the light, then look to the scale on the right. You should see the colored lines under the scale. Slit that Slit allows light inside inside Eyepiece 17 Scale Light Spectrum Lab! 18 19 Atomic Spectra Atomic Spectra One view of atomic structure in early 20th One century was that an electron (e-) traveled about the nucleus in an orbit. about + Electron orbit 20 Atomic Spectra and Bohr Atomic Spectra and Bohr Bohr said classical view is wrong. Bohr Need a new theory — now called QUANTUM or WAVE MECHANICS. QUANTUM WAVE e- can only exist in certain discrete eorbits orbits e- is restricted to QUANTIZED eQUANTIZED energy state (quanta = bundles of energy) energy) 21 Quantum or Wave Mechanics Schrodinger applied idea of eSchrodinger behaving as a wave to the problem of electrons in atoms. problem He developed the WAVE He EQUATION EQUATION Solution gives set of math Solution expressions called WAVE E. Schrodinger FUNCTIONS, Ψ 1887-1961 Each describes an allowed energy Each state of an estate He...
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