A cation cation cation 73 ion sizes ion sizes li152pm

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Unformatted text preview: e size Does the size Does Does + go go , 60 pm go g+ Lio up or down up or down up 2e and 3 p up when losing an when losing an electron to form electron to form a cation? a cation? cation? cation? 73 Ion Sizes Ion Sizes + Li,152 pm 3e and 3p Li +, 78 pm 2e and 3 p Forming Forming Forming Forming a cation. a cation. cation. cation. • CATIONS are SMALLER than the SMALLER atoms from which they come. atoms • The electron/proton attraction The has gone UP and so size DECREASES. DECREASES 74 Ion Sizes Ion Sizes F,64 pm 9e and 9p Does the size go up or Does ­the size go up or Does Does down when gaining an down when gaining an e, 136 pm to form an lectron F­electron to form an anion? anion? 10 e and 9 p anion? anion? 75 Ion Sizes Ion Sizes ­ F, 71 pm 9e and 9p F ­ , 133 pm 10 e and 9 p Forming Forming Forming an anion. an anion. an an • ANIONS are LARGER than the atoms LARGER from which they come. from • The electron/proton attraction has The gone DOWN and so size INCREASES. INCREASES • Trends in ion sizes are the same as Trends atom sizes. Trends in Ion Sizes Figure...
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