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Name:Date:School: Facilitator: 5.06 Alabama Total Points: 30 You’ve learned about some major events in Alabama’s history in the late 18th century into the 19thcentury. Now, let’s construct a timeline of these events from 1780 to the 1820s! In the timeline chart below, be sure to include events related to Alabama's territory formation and statehood, land acquisition, settlement, and relations with Native Americans between 1780 and 1820. You can also document changes in population on this timeline. Use the resources from the lesson and/or do your own research. If you’d like, you can research other events that occurred during this time frame in our state and include them. For example, was your town settled during this time period? If so, add it to the list! Some events have been added to get you started! You can add more rows to the chart, as needed. Date/YearAlabama Event 1780The Spanish capture Mobile during the American Revolution and retain the West and East Floridas as part of war-ending treaty.
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