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Quiz #2 Return to Assessment List Comments:  Please refer to "Quiz #2 - special" as set up by classroom support  Part 1 of 8 -  0.0/ 16.65 Points Question 1 of 30 0.0/ 3.33 Points Meiosis results in a change in chromosome number indicated by: A. 2n to 2n in  diploid organisms,  n to n in haploid  organism B. N to n C. N to 2n D. 2n to n E. 2n to 2n Answer Key: D Feedback: Meiosis results in a halving of the chromosome number from 2n (diploid) to n (haploid). Meiosis does not occur in an organism which is already haploid (such as a plant gametophyte). Question 2 of 30 0.0/ 3.33 Points In plants, cytokinesis occurs with the formation of: A. A cell plate B. A cleavage  furrow in the  nuclear  membrane C. A cleavage  furrow in the  cytoplasm D. A cleavage 
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furrow in the  cell wall E. Asters and  centrioles Answer Key: A Feedback: In plant cells, cytokinesis involves the formation of a new plasma membrane and cell wall at a cell plate. Question 3 of 30 0.0/ 3.33 Points During ______________, the nuclear envelope disappears, and the chromosomes become distinct. A.  Anap hase B.  Telop hase C.  Interp hase D.  Prop hase E.  Meta phas e Answer Key: D Feedback: During prophase, chromatin is condensing into visible chromosomes, and the nuclear envelope is fragmenting. Question 4 of 30 0.0/ 3.33 Points If the total number of chromosomes in parent cell is six, then after mitosis there will be: A. Three chromosomes  in each daughter cell B. Six chromosomes in  each daughter cel C. 12 chromosomes in  each daughter cell
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D. Three chromosomes  in one daughter cell and  six chromosomes in the  other cell E. Two chromosomes in  each daughter cell, one  from each parent Answer Key: B Feedback: Following mitosis, daughter cells have the same chromosome count as the parent cell. Question 5 of 30 0.0/ 3.33 Points Which of the following statements about mitosis and meiosis is incorrect? A. Meiosis-two  divisions, mitosis- one division B. Meiosis-non- identical, mitosis- identical C. Meiosis- diploid, mitosis- haploid D. Meiosis-four  daughter cells,  mitosis-two  daughter cells E. Meiosis-sex  cells, mitosis- somatic cells  Answer Key: C Feedback: Meiosis produces haploid nuclei from a diploid nucleus. Mitosis does not alter the chromosome number. Part 2 of 8 -  0.0/ 16.65 Points Question 6 of 30 0.0/ 3.33 Points Which of the following is not a beneficial role that bacteria play? A. They 
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produce  oxygen.  B. They  produce  antibiotics.  C. They  function as  bioremediat ors.  D. They are  decomposer s.  E. They can  be used in  gene  therapy.  Answer Key: E Feedback: Viruses, not bacteria, can be used in gene therapy. Question 7 of 30
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