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Name Score Multiple Choice. #1-23. Mark the letter of the best answer to each of the following questions on the scantron sheet. Read the question and each choice carefully before making your selection. Erase changes completely and indicate your final choice clearly. Answers on the printed exam will not be considered. (3 pts. each) 1. Which of the following concepts is not attributable to Mendel? a. one trait may be dominant to another trait for the same character b. chromosomes are the carriers of the genes c. genetic traits are particulate in nature d. the alternate alleles for a trait separate from each other during gamete formation Mendel had no knowledge at the time he established his laws of inheritance that genes (his factors) were carried on chromosomes. All other choices define Mendel’s contributions to understanding inheritance 2. Which of the following pairs represents a reciprocal cross? a. large purple flowers x small white flowers The same Mendelian pattern small purple flowers x large white flowers of inheritance is seen when b. true-breeding parent x true-breeding parent either parent exhibits heterozygous parent x heterozygous parent alternate trait c. Aa x aa Bb x bb d. Red-flowered female x white-flowered male Red-flowered male x white-flowered female 3. A single gene locus exhibits 4 different alleles in the population. How many different genotypes can possibly occur at this single locus in the population? a. 8 For a multiple allele system, the # of possible genotypes can be b. 10 calculated as n (n+1) / 2, where n = # different alleles c. 16 d. 32 e. 64 4. The wild-type phenotype refers to a. the phenotype expressed by the dominant allele b. the phenotype expressed by the recessive allele c. the phenotype that most commonly occurs in nature d. the phenotype that has the longest survival
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Name 5. A variegated Anthurium plant is found by a foliage breeder. The breeder crosses this plant with a normal all-green Anthurium and all the F 1 individuals are variegated. The F 2 generation exhibits 3 variegated :1 green. The mutant variegated trait is a. dominant to green and controlled by two independent alleles b. incompletely dominant to green and controlled by a single gene c. recessive to green and controlled by a single gene d. dominant to green and controlled by a single gene e. more crosses must be made to determine the mode of inheritance Variegated dominant to green is evidenced by the F 1 generation all being variegated; control by a single gene is evidenced by the 3:1 ratio (expected monohybrid ratio) 6. In horses, the Palomino color is the result of incomplete dominance at the C locus. The homozygous C 1 C 1 is albino and the homozygous C 2 C 2 is chestnut. What phenotypic ratio would be expected from the mating of two Palomino horses? a.
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VUBio110BSp'08-SampleExam3Key-POST - Name Score Multiple...

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