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1Paper Assignment Spring 2008 Economics 102 1. A short paper is required of ALL students. This paper will be due on May 1 in class . There will be a box for each section. You may submit your paper directly to your TA if you want to hand it in early. You have a month to do this assignment. There will be no extensions . 2. The paper should be a maximum of THREE PAGES single sided, double spaced (not including graphs or tables). TA’s will be instructed not to read past the fourth page. 3. The object of the paper is to critically analyze a news article which will be available for you to read by April 1. Each TA’s sections will be assigned a different article. All grading will be scored on a curve equalized between sections. 4. In your paper, discuss the following points (Make sure to CLEARLY STATE ANY ASSUMPTIONS NECESSARY TO SUPPORT YOUR ANALYSIS): a. What is the main thrust of the article?
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Unformatted text preview: What is the most important point conveyed? b. Use the analytical apparatus covered in the course to ILLUSTRATE GRAPHICALLY the macroeconomic phenomenon discussed in the article. (For example, if the article speaks about monetary policy, illustrate that with the graphical analysis showing the relation between money supply and the interest rate, and the relation between that market and national income.) c. In your opinion, has the author of the article used correct analysis or is there some error which makes his/her conclusions suspect? If there is an error, state exactly what it is and how you would correct it. These papers are to be done individually. You should not discuss it with each other. If you have questions, ask your TA but the expectation is that you will write your paper without assistance....
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