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Indivisibility of Ethics

Indivisibility of Ethics - Indivisibility of Ethics Peter F...

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Indivisibility of Ethics- Peter F. Drucker *no separate set of ethics for business’* “There is only one set of ethics, one set of rules of morality, one code: that of individual behavior in which the same rules apply to everyone alike” Unless ethical considerations are a part of every managers thought process, both the corporation and individual executives will fail to exercise the level of responsibility which good business represents and the law demands. Executives are not required to build a unique ethical system applicable only to their own business Locus of ethics remains in the individual. Solution to World Poverty –Peter Singer- Kohlberg Stage III Dora sells a boy to organ peddlers for $1000 Americans spend approx 1/3 of income on non-necessities Singer – One who judges whether acts are right or wrong by the consequences American consumers behavior should raise a serious moral issue. Bob, the child, the Bugatti, and the oncoming runaway train. Bob unlike Dora didn’t have to look the child in the eyes before sacrificing him for his own material comfort. Follow-the-crowd ethics. I.e. the German people and the Nazi atrocities. The idea of donating $200 Formula and general idea of donations – whatever money you’re spending on luxuries, not necessities, should be given away. i.e. $50k year in come you can live off $30k so write a check for $20k. Regardless of income the $30k should never fluctuate. The Capitalism & Morality Debate- Paul Johnson “But I am willing to predict, as a result of our experiences in this one,[century] that never again will any considerable body of opinion seriously doubt its wealth-producing capacity or seek to replace it with something fundamentally different.” How do we give moral dimensions to this triumphant reassertion of capitalism? It is blind to all other factors: blind to class, race, and color, to religion and sex, to nationality and creed, to good and evil. It is materialist , impersonal, and non-human.
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