ob2 - only kind of facility like it in the country is...

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Bryan Cain Organizational Behavior Presbyterian Senior Care Presbyterian Senior Care Center is a senior care home for those who are unable to take care of themselves. I was a Dietary Aide there and provided food service to the elderly. Core Values 1. A. Provide a great living experience for the elderly that have now made this there home. B. Provide the best nutrition for the elderly. C. Act with the utmost respect and responsibility while taking care of the patients. Artifacts 1. Everyone was required to wear hospital issue scrubs. 2. The official Logo of Presbyterian Senior Care 3. Workers referred to Presbyterian Senior Care as Presby. 4. The award given for most outstanding care of patients is called the Quality of Life Award. 5. The Alzheimer’s ward was located separate from the main building and the
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Unformatted text preview: only kind of facility like it in the country is called Woodside Place. 6. Everyone wore a name tag that had the logo, their name and the department that they worked in. These nametags were no bigger than a drivers license and were made of paper covered by a plastic laminate. Behaviors or Norms 1. It was a praised thing if a worker took thirty seconds out of there day to stop and ask a resident how he/she was doing today, and in the dietary department; ask how their meal was and if they enjoyed it. 2. It was expected that as a dietary aide, you keep your working station in pristine condition, thus helping keep the best living experience for the patients....
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ob2 - only kind of facility like it in the country is...

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