Andean Civilizations - Andean Civilizations 1000-1500 :The...

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Andean Civilizations 1000-1500 :The Incas of Peru 1. historical heography a. High mountains b. Dry coastal plaines c. Hot/humis east Andean regions d. Tropical Rain forest/ Amazon basin e. Liamas, Alpacas-animals 2. Pre- Inca Andean Region a. Post Chacin and Mochica b. Regional states i. Chucuito in highlands 1. used terracing agriculture: potaoes ii. Chumu: along the coast 1. used irrigation- Maize 2. highly urbanized 3. Rise of the Inca a. Inca= title of Cusco rulers i. Aslo quechua-speakers; subjects b. Settles lake Titicaca in mid 13 th C c. Expansion by Pachcuti i. S and N highlands; Chimu d. Late 1400’s: Cuito to Santiago e. Pop 11.5 Million 4. Government and Administation a. Imperial state b. Militarized bureaucracy c. Armies: War captives d. Mitima (forced relocation) e. Hostage taking; colonists f. Quipu and record keeping i. Tax, property, labor, census achievments of rulers 5. Economy: Urbanization a. Urbanization: Cusco b. Pop; 300,000+ c. Offices, temples d. Gold plastered palaces e. Residents: high elite; hostages
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f. Walls, paved roads
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Andean Civilizations - Andean Civilizations 1000-1500 :The...

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