Sub Saharan African societies - i. Kongo; Mali c. Iron: Pop...

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Sub Saharan African societies: Bantu Migrations and west African kingdoms 1. Bantu- Speaking peoples a. Bantu: speakers b. Of Niger-Congo c. Spoken by EG Mande, Wolof d. Called themselves Bantu 2. Original Bantu Home a. Area: modern Nigeria and Cameroon b. Settles river-valleys; used canoes c. Neolithic:5000-4000 bce d. Yams, OIL PALM, goats e. Diffused crops: millet, sorghum 3. Causes of Migrations a. Pop. 4000 bce: 3.5 milion i. 1000bce: 22 million b. Agric surpluses: yam, grain i. Stimulated pop growth ii. Dramatic pop growth c. 1000 bce: iron use: faster pace d. Used waterways: canoes MOVED SOUTH 4. Pattern of Migration a. Intermittent; spurts b. Absorbant local populations i. EG. Kushits nto EC Africa c. Cultural synthesis 5. Historical Signifagance a. 1000 bce occupied most of Africa b. Today 90 million speak Bantu c. Spread of iron; diffused agriculture i. 1000-500 yames grains= E and S Africa d. cultural synthesis i. Religion Byamba 6. Bantu Migrations: African Kingdoms a. Kin-based soc. Eg Tiv b. Chiefdoms1000-1200 bce
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Unformatted text preview: i. Kongo; Mali c. Iron: Pop growth, military d. Competition for land reasources 7. Religion a. Monotheism: 5000 bce b. Nyamba ideolofy spread 1000 bce c. Divination; ancestor worship d. Islam and Christianity e. Gender i. Gender division of labor ii. Male Dominant iii. Elites womens role 1. queen/queen-mother 8. Technology/Industry a. Bronze, iron b. Artisans, craftpeersons, goldsmiths 9. West African kingdoms a. Ghana b. Mali c. Songhay 10. Reasons for rise of these societies a. Trans-Saharan trade i. Introduction of camel 7 th century ii. Imports: salt, textiles, metal goods iii. Exports: slaves, gold ivory, spices iv. Cities eg. Kumbi Saleh, Timbuktu, Niani 11. Rise of Islam a. Introduced 10 th century Ghana b. Peaceful conversion c. Government, literacy, unifying force d. M. Musa hajj to mecca e. Promoted Islam i. Built Mosques, schools 12....
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Sub Saharan African societies - i. Kongo; Mali c. Iron: Pop...

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