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Journal entry 12 - folowed by a goodbye that lacks emotion...

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Journal entry 12/04/07 In this passage about his family, Richard Rodriguez expresses some interesting perspectives that cause the reader to question what his family is feeling during the holidays. I first noticed how he stated that his family as far as siblings, are wealthy and in no apparent financial struggles. It becomes apparent as the passage goes on that his parents always wanted their ids to be wealthy and they thought that would bring them more happiness. However he hints at his mothers attitude and his fathers lack of emotion that perhapse it didn’t turn out as they had planned. His writing almost makes the reader feel the emptyness, and lack of that christmas feeling where a family enjoys sitting around a fire and just being with on another. The feeling is more of a short term excitement
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Unformatted text preview: folowed by a goodbye that lacks emotion or warmth. The mother gets the gifts that she wants but the true gift of christmas is having a family that truly wants to spend heir time with you and this she does not have. He states that everyone is anxiouse to leave after the gifts and the father didn’t speak all day. He then further continues to say that his father is weak and boney. This suggests that the od cuple is looking for love and attention and wants to spend time with their kids but growing old comes with not only a lack of physicle strength but perhapse emotional strength as well. The author uses a methode of writing that does not tell you what is goin on in the minds of the others but rather makes you question it. U almost can feel their emotions and question their feelings....
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