#6 Emission Spectrocopy - 4 Our observed wavelength given...

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Aaron King 660556233 Section 2 Wednesday, October 17, 2007 #6 Emission Spectroscopy 1. When the incandescent lamp was observed through the spectroscope, the lamp emitted wavelengths in between 400nm and 700nm. The color spectrum of all visible light was observed. When the yellow filter was placed in between the spectroscope and the incandescent lamp, all visible light under the wavelength of the color of the filter were missing. 2. When the final “n” equals 1, the following table applies. Calculated Observed n 1 =2 656nm 690nm n 1 =3 486nm 485nm n 1 =5 411nm 415nm There seems to be a strong correlation between the calculated and the observed. 3. R He = 4 * R H Calculated Observed n 1 =2 2620nm 694nm n 1 =3 1940nm 602nm n 1 =4 1740nm 503nm n 1 =5 1640nm 444nm
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These results do not have a strong correlation. One possibility to why these results are not similar is because the Bohr model is not a very good representation of atoms besides Hydrogen. The Bohr model does not take into consideration electron-electron repulsion which occurs in atoms with more than one electron
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Our observed wavelength given off was 595nm. By looking at the elements that give off photons close to 595nm, it can be observed that the unknown element is Sodium. 5. Molarity of Solution of CoCl 2 Absorbance 0.05M 0.301 0.10M 0.530 0.15M 0.782 0.20M 1.035 = A εcl = ε Acl = . . . ε 0 3010 05M0 01m = = ε 602ε Acl = . . . ε 0 5300 10M0 01m = ε 530 = ε Acl = . . . ε 0 7820 15M0 01m = ε 521 = ε Acl = . . . ε 1 0350 20M0 01m = = + + + ε 518ε ε1 ε2 ε3 ε44 = + + + ε 602 530 521 5184 = ε 543 Standard Deviation = 34.5 6. Besides the known reason why the Helium discharge lamp was not accurate, the rest of the lab was very accurate because most of the data was received by observation. The only errors that could have occurred may have arose if the calibration of the spectrometer was not done properly or if the observer was not looking direction straightly through the spectrometer when reading the measurements....
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#6 Emission Spectrocopy - 4 Our observed wavelength given...

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