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Wright invented this 8 organisms try to reach the

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Unformatted text preview: ssing piece of Darwin’s puzzle. Although Fisher and Wright agreed on the math models, they disagreed on the processes contributing to evolution. Fisher believed it was natural selection. Wright said it was genetic drift. Haldane said it was easy to easily observe natural selection. What is an adaptive landscape?  ­ Wright invented this 8  ­  ­ Organisms try to reach the highest peak of fitness Book—a heuristic representation of fitness as a function of genotype or phenotype. Adaptive landscapes are commonly used by biologists to envision the course of evolutionary change. Also known as fitness landscapes. Who is Theodosius Dobzhansky?  ­ Russian, former student of Morgan  ­ Fruit flies in the field; took the findings of the guys above and showed how they applied to biological populations. Applied these findings to various fields. What did he do?  ­ Connected the mathematics of the modern synthesis from abstraction to biological reality  ­ Studied the genetics of fruit flies in natural populations Population Genetics What is Hardy ­Weinberg equilibrium?  ­ Both allele and genotype frequencies in a population remain constant—that is, they are in equilibrium—from generation to generation unless specific disturbing influences are introduced.  ­ (p2) + (2pq) + (q2) = 1  ­ The null model for evolutionary change in a population  Evolution will only take place if we violate one of the assumptions of H ­ W model  Under random mating, we can predict the genotype frequencies from the allele frequencies  Even if a population is not currently at equilibrium, it can reach H ­W equilibrium in one generation if assumptions are met What is its significance?  ­ You can calculate...
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