Cell-to-cell Adhesions Notes

depends on level of solute movement of water from an

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Unformatted text preview: ous  Uniform spreading out of molecules due to their random intermingling  Molecules move from area of high concentration to area of low concentration  Process is crucial to survival of every cell  Wants to achieve equilibrium o Osmosis  Diffusion of water (Always!)  Depends on level of solute  Movement of water from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration solution, diluting it, until there is equal concentration of solution on both sides of the membrane  Fig. 3.10 – osmosis when pure H2O is separated from a solution containing a non ­penetrating solute  (1) membrane • permeable to H2O but impermeable to solute • side 1 o pure water • side 2 o lower H2O concentration o higher solute concentration  (2) osmosis happens to side 2 • hydrostatic (fluid) pressure difference in side 1 • water concentration not equal • solute concentration not equal • tendency for H2O to diffuse by osmosis into side 2 is exactly balanced by opposing tendency for hydrostatic pressure difference to push water into s...
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